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Detailed classification of plastic sheet equipment

2018-09-26 20:45:27

Plastic sheet equipment, as the name suggests, can be understood as a machine for the production of plastic sheets, usually composed of different equipment (such as extrusion

Out of the machine, mixer, cutting machine, etc.) constitute a complete production line, so we usually call it a plastic sheet production line. Then plastic sheet equipment

How is it classified?


Usually we can carry out extrusion materials (sheet materials), production processes (foaming process), plastic sheet shape, thickness, transparency, use, etc.

Classified. The following is explained in detail by Qingdao Kechuang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

First of all, from the raw materials of plastic sheet, plastic sheet equipment production line can be divided into PVC sheet equipment, PP sheet equipment, PE sheet equipment, etc.

PP, PE material characteristics are relatively close, generally speaking, if a plastic sheet equipment can produce PP sheet, then it can also be used to produce PE sheet, so

Just like the product classification of our company website, PP, PE sheet equipment was placed together.

Secondly, from the thickness of the plastic sheet, generally less than 5mm of plastic sheet, commonly referred to as plastic sheet in the country, so there is a plastic sheet

The statement of the equipment production line. Typical plastic sheet thicknesses range from 0.2-3 mm, and sheets of 1 mm are often referred to as membranes.

From the foaming process of the plastic sheet production line, it can be divided into foamed and non-foamed sheets, and foaming has two kinds of free foaming and crust foaming, such as PVC.

The foaming sheet production line has PVC free foaming board equipment and PVC crust foaming board production line.

Furthermore, from the use and characteristics of plastic sheets, the plastic sheet production line has plastics with different characteristics of plastic sheets and main use icons.

Building formwork equipment, anti-corrosion board equipment, plastic pallet production line, etc.

From the shape of the plastic sheet, the plastic sheet production line has a PVC wave board production line, PP, PC hollow board equipment and so on.

From the shape of the die structure of the plastic sheet equipment, it can be generally divided into two types, one is a device with a three-roll calender, such as PP, PE sheet equipment.

, PVC free foam board production line, etc., another type, such as PVC crust foam board equipment, does not have a calender device.

The above is the summary of the plastic sheet production line compiled by Qingdao Kechuang Plastic Machinery for everyone. If there is any leak, it is still correct. If you have any doubts

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