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Wide application of PVC sheet production line in our lives

2018-11-15 17:12:07

    PVC sheet production line is made of plastic as raw material. It is widely used in construction and chemical industry. It is used for chemical, environmental protection and building boards. It is wear-resistant, vibration-resistant, corrosion-resistant, recyclable, strong, anti-aging and waterproof. , moisture-proof, not easy to deform, repeated use and so on. Moreover, the hard plastic pallets currently replaced can be recycled and processed, which greatly reduces the cost.

    Nowadays, the plastic PVC sheet is developed in the direction of being beautiful and practical, and the function is expanding to a more professional and special function. The production of high-quality plastic sheets is inseparable from the excellent production line of plastic sheets. The high-quality sheet production line has the following characteristics: compact structure of the unit; superior performance; optimized design of the alloy cylinder of nitrided cylinder of the screw barrel, uniform plasticization; high output; long service life.

    Plastic PVC sheet production line introduction

    1. Automatic feeding and drying system to ensure dry materials and ensure product quality

    2. Automatic temperature controller with PID adjustment function, making temperature control more accurate ± 2 ° CGGVB

    3. The barrel heating system with air cooling device reduces the temperature error

    4. The application of double-station hydraulic quick change screen device (1.5 sec/time) realizes continuous network change without interruption.

    5. The plastic extruder adopts single, two and three extruders for simultaneous extrusion, plastic melt distributor composite and extrusion die multi-channel compound for the production of single-layer, multi-layer composite sheet, etc. many

Model selection

    6. The selection of plastic melt metering pump makes the plastic melt extrusion more stable and ensures the uniformity of the product.

    7. The calendering roller adopts advanced processing technology to ensure the accuracy of the roller and the requirements for producing high quality plastic sheet products.

    8. The calender roll drive is a single-roller independent drive form; the independently controlled roll temperature adjustment system can precisely control the temperature of the calender roll to make the sheet thickness uniform

    9. The cutting of the product adopts the automatic fixed length cutting device to ensure that the diagonal dimension of the sheet is accurate within 3mm.

    10. The width of the production of plastic sheet is less than 3m; the thickness of 0.3-20mm is available for selection.

    11. The whole machine adopts DC or variable frequency speed regulation and selected electronic control system to realize monotonous and group control linkage, and the control is accurate, stable and reliable.

    12. Three-roller type: vertical, 45° oblique, horizontal for optional use: This production line is suitable for the production of PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS, PVC, PMMA, PET, HIPS and other plastic sheet Product unit composition: plastic extruder, dry feeding system, machine head and hydraulic screen changing, three-roll calender, cooling stereotype bracket, cutting device, tractor, cutting and shearing machine, conveying material platform, Roller temperature adjustment system, electric cabinet.

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