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Why does the pipe in the PPR pipe production line produce zoom?

2018-11-20 16:54:13

PP-R drinking water pipe system is a new type of product commonly used in developed countries in the world. It adopts homogeneous melting technology in hot and cold water transportation project, and its comprehensive technical performance and economic indicators are far superior to other similar products, especially it. Excellent hygienic performance, from production to disposal, can achieve extremely high hygiene and environmental protection requirements. The products have the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance, heat preservation and energy saving, long service life and economy.

PPR pipe production process:

Raw material + color masterbatch → mixing → vacuum feeding → raw material drying → single screw extruder → color line extruder → spiral mold → sizing sleeve → spray vacuum setting box → spray cooling water tank → inkjet printer → Crawler tractor → finished product inspection packaging

For now, there is no perfect machine that does not have any problems, but fortunately we can solve the problem continuously. There are problems in production that are not terrible, and terrible is that they cannot solve the problem. The occurrence of scoring in the pipe in the PPR pipe production line is a common problem. Let's take a look at the cause together with Xiaobian.

If the surface zoom of the pipe is the most common problem in the PPR line. Due to various factors of production, the reasons for its zooming are also many. The common reason is that the temperature is too high, mainly the temperature of the fuselage and the head, so the temperature control should be paid attention to during the production process. This phenomenon can also occur if there are impurities in the production. The main location of the impurities is the machine head, the filter, or the pellets. Be sure to check hygiene before each production. Remove possible impurities that may be affected. Of course, the zoom is not only due to problems with the equipment, the stability of the raw materials, and the inappropriate dose of the stabilizer may also lead to such a result.

The above is the factor that caused the appearance of the surface of the PPR pipe in the production process, which I hope can help everyone.

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