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What requirements shall be met for the quality products of plastic board Production Line?

2019-02-21 17:01:04

         What requirements shall be met for the quality products of plastic board Production Line?To have a stable water temperature and water level control system.Stable vacuum under various production conditions.Can provide a strong cooling capacity.Long-term corrosion resistance.

         The closure method and emergency treatment of plastic board Production Line.Stop feeding, add parking material to replace production material, and then close the barrel and head power.Turn off the main power supply, turn off the auxiliary power supply, and then turn off the main power supply and cooling water valve.When the accident needs to stop for a short period of time, the power should be cut off.

         After troubleshooting, it can be reheated, and the retained material can be gradually replaced, and then it will enter the production state.Special tools should be used for head removal and assembly.Usually, copper tools are used to clean the internal accumulation of the head.The internal scale of the head can only be polished with glazed sandpaper.After long-term parking, remove the plastic board Production Line head kun mold, filter, clean and apply anti-rust paint.

         Plastic board Production Line can make full use of waste and local resources, that is, improve the environment, turn waste into treasure, and develop new types of construction materials according to local conditions.At present, China is actively developing cement, lime, fly ash and cement, lime sand, sand aerated concrete.

         According to preliminary estimates, the annual output of 300,000 cubic meters of fly ash aerated concrete plant can use 10 to 15 million tons of fly ash every year.With the rapid development of coal-fired power plants using fly ash as fuel the displacement of fly ash is increasing.Using fly ash to produce aerated concrete block is an effective way to utilize fly ash comprehensively.

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