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What are the advantages of our company's plastic profile production line?

2018-12-21 17:22:17

The plastic profile production line is also called the assembly line, an industrial production method, and the profile production line price means that each production unit only focuses on the processing of a certain segment to improve work efficiency and output; the transportation method according to the plastic profile production line can generally Divided into: belt flow assembly line, plate chain line, double speed chain, plug-in line, mesh belt line, suspension line and drum PP wood-plastic profile production line. These seven types of PP wood-plastic profile production line generally include traction parts, load-bearing members, drive units, Zhang Tightening device, reversing device and support parts, etc. PP plastic molding production line has high expandability, can design conveying capacity according to demand, Shandong wood plastic profile equipment, conveying speed, assembly station, auxiliary parts (including quick connector, fan) , electric lights, sockets, process boards, storage, 24V power supply, wind batch, etc., so widely welcomed by enterprises; PP wood-plastic profile production line is an effective combination of people and machines, which fully reflects the flexibility of the equipment, it will transport the system, The pallet and the online special machine, the organic combination of testing equipment to meet the transportation requirements of multi-variety products. The method has synchronous transmission (forced), wood-plastic profile equipment, or non-synchronous transmission / (flexible), according to the configuration choice, assembly and transportation requirements can be realized. The assembly line is not available in the mass production of the enterprise. lack.

Our company's plastic profile production line:

PVC, PP, PE, PC, ABS Small Profile Extrusion Line:

1. Integrate the production process, and arrange a variety of stations on the production line to meet production needs;

2. High scalability, according to the needs of the factory, design a production line that meets the production needs of the product;

3. Saving factory production costs, can save the number of production workers to a certain extent, achieve a certain degree of automated production, the initial investment is small, and the rate of return is high.

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