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Upgrade of plastic pipe production line

2018-12-06 10:47:46

With the implementation of the low-carbon energy-saving policy, the construction industry tends to be lightweight in terms of material selection, which also drives the development of plastic pipe production lines. The plastic pipe production line has the ability to rapidly produce pipe equipment, making the product develop rapidly and constantly adapting to the market. Demand, tailor-made high-quality plastic pipes for the company, occupying most of the pipe market.

The market share of China's main production of plastic pipe pipes accounts for 96% of modern heating and tap water pipes. The advantages are obviously superior to those of other materials, and will continue to increase the utilization rate in the next few years. Among them, plastic pipes are not easy to corrode due to their long-term use. They will not enter the replacement ranks in the past few years. Therefore, most of the main production areas are emerging industries, such as geothermal and sanitary pipes.

In today's municipal projects, many types of pipes are used in the water pipelines of various buildings, as well as in various water conservancy projects and gas transmission projects. The state is very supportive of the use of plastic pipes, so the demand for such products is now It is also very large. The development of the plastic pipe industry has been more than a decade old, and the industry standards adopted are becoming more and more perfect, but the quality requirements for the use of pipe fittings are even higher than before. With the continuous development of the market, more and more products are put into production, and the plastic pipe production line is continuously researched and developed, which is more in line with the requirements of modern architecture and engineering. The process level is improved, the product quality is safe and reliable, and the overall development prospect is very broad.

While the plastic pipe production line is developing, some problems are also emerging. In particular, there are few varieties of raw materials, unstable quality, high price fluctuations, lack of special materials, product quality is not guaranteed, product structure, production scale is unreasonable, production equipment, product quality is generally poor, management is chaotic, standards, specifications, maps Sets, quotas and other serious lags, poor matching, unable to adapt to development needs and lack of practice testing and other factors seriously restrict the further development of the industry and improve the quality.

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