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UPVC window sills profile production line equipment features and product features

2018-11-08 11:51:03

1. UPVC window sills profile production line equipment features:

With reference to the latest foreign technology, the unit is optimized for design, with uniform plasticization, small shear rate, high output and long service life. The unit consists of a conical twin-screw extruder, a vacuum setting table, a tractor, a cutting machine, a laminating machine, and a turning frame.
The main engine adopts imported AC frequency conversion and the temperature control instrument adopts Japanese RKC or OMRON products. Auxiliary machine vacuum pump and traction motor are all made of high quality products, easy to maintain. After replacing the screw barrel and mold, the simulated wood foam profile can be directly extruded, and the effect is better than single screw.

UPVC Window Sills Profile Production Line:

2. Product Features:

1. Beautiful appearance: PVC window sill surface has various flower patterns, such as solid color series, marble series, wood series and so on. The surface is glossy, the color is soft, and the lines are smooth, making the surface of the window sill more perfect.
2. Good aging resistance: PVC window sills are made of excellent formula, which can withstand the harsh environment of -40 ° C - 60 ° C in indoor environment. At the same time, in the rain, sun, dry, humid, cold environment, it also has good anti-aging performance, the service life can reach 30 years.
3. PVC window sill plate exterior size accuracy: After 210 ° C -240 ° C high temperature treatment, the size has no basic changes. After heating, no bubbles, pitting and cracks occur.
4. Replacing the traditional lead salt formula, the rare earth formula is used as the raw material of the PVC window sill. On the one hand, the physical properties of the product are improved. On the other hand, the formula is low in lead and non-toxic, and fully complies with the national sanitary standard.

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