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UPVC inlet and outlet pipe production line failure and solution

2018-11-02 17:01:31

UPVC drainage pipe accounts for about 50% of China's plastic pipe industry. It is the most widely used plastic pipe in China. However, in the test we found that it is the UPVC drain pipe that has many problems.

This is because the performance of PVC resin is poor, the processing range is narrow, and the molding conditions are extremely engraved. Therefore, for UPVC pipe manufacturers, find the best additives (such as stabilizers, modifiers, lubricants, fillers, etc.) Studying the optimal ratio and reasonable process is the premise to ensure the quality of plastic pipes. Several common problems of plastic pipes are introduced.

UPVC Twin-pipe Extrusion Line plastic pipe machine

Plastic pipe problem 1: tensile strength and toughness are poor. The tensile strength curve of a good UPVC pipe should have obvious yield and elongation, while the poor plastic pipe often exhibits brittleness, low elongation and easy fracture.

Plastic pipe problem 2: poor impact resistance. According to the GB/T5836.1-92 standard, the drop weight impact test is tested. After many years of testing, it is found that the single pass rate is less than 50%, and many products even have 10 impacts, all of which are broken.

Plastic pipe problem three: softening temperature is low, easy to heat deformation. It is expressed in the test performance, that is, the Vicat softening temperature is lower (less than 79). Some manufacturers increase the softening temperature and simply increase the filler amount during the batching. This does increase the softening temperature, but makes the other properties of the tube. In particular, impact resistance, tensile strength and toughness are greatly reduced. Therefore, to increase the softening temperature without reducing or less reducing other properties, it is necessary to work on the selection of additives, raw material ratio, production process, and production machinery. Can not be taken lightly.

UPVC water supply pipe

The UPVC water supply pipe is tested according to the national standard GB/T10002.1-1996, and its hydraulic inspection performance standard value is relatively high, which puts high requirements on the enterprises that produce UPVC water supply pipes. The eccentricity problem is one of the common plastic pipe problems, which will lead to the uneven thickness of the plastic pipe produced, which not only causes waste of raw materials, but also makes it difficult to achieve the stress of 42MPa. The operation of the plastic pipe production line has a great impact. Therefore, this requires manufacturers not only to mix good materials, but also enterprises with conditions should install online testing instruments to adjust the dimensional deviation of plastic pipes at any time.

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