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The correct operation method of PVC Sheet Production Line

2018-10-29 14:50:50

Our PVC pipe production line has good gas permeability and can effectively prevent static electricity. The main component is polyethylene, which is a new type of packaging material. In the process of production, polyethylene produces numerous bubbles, and suddenly the common materials are fragile and easily deformed, which can produce good resistance and play a good buffering effect on the package.

The PVC pipe production line is indispensable in the transportation industry. Its existence helps us to effectively protect our own goods and is an important helper in our lives.

PVC pipe production line is not very strange to many people, it has a wide range of applications in our lives. The function of PVC pipe production line is a protective material in the transportation of electronic appliances, computers, audio, lighting, various fine crafts, toys, fruits and so on. Its value is deeply reflected in the transportation process.

The correct operation method of PVC Sheet Production Line:

1. PVC plastic sheet production line preheating: This is to make the mold heated before starting, it needs to be preheated to mold heating.

2. Clamping: Reasonable adjustment of the opening and closing stroke is beneficial to improve the demoulding of the product and the effect of product feeding.

3. PVC plastic sheet production line preheating: steam enters the solid transfer mold, preheating the mold, so that the mold is preheated, and the condensed water and cold air during the storage period are discharged. Function: Improve the mold temperature and enhance the apparent melting degree of the product.

4. Penetration heating: Improve the core and internal weldability of the product. The penetration heating and waste steam are more serious.

5. Heating on both sides: further enhance the heating effect and improve the surface quality of the product.

6. Rewarming (insulation): All valves are closed, making full use of the residual heat of the mold to make the product heat-insulated. Conducive to the surface of the product, it can save energy (steam).

7 Vacuum cooling: The vacuum valve is opened and the vacuum pump is evacuated. The residual heat and moisture in the mold and the product are all emptied, and part of the foaming agent is removed to prevent the product from swelling. Forming a negative pressure in the mold facilitates the release of the product.

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