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Technical requirements for production of plastic bellows equipment

2018-12-12 17:28:08

Plastic bellows 

The equipment is a special plastic for the production of plastic corrugated pipes (including single-wall corrugated pipes and double-wall corrugated pipes).

Pipe production line equipment, its production of Plastic bellows

The bellows must meet the following technical requirements:

1. Raw material requirements

Plastic corrugated pipe can be selected from HDPE (high density polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pellets, the requirements must be Plastic bellows

For raw granular materials, it is strictly forbidden to use powder

Shape and reconstituted granular pellets. Among them, HDPE needs to meet the requirements of GB/T11116 standard, plastic corrugated pipe production line, PP needs to meet GB/T18742.1 standard.

PVC Steel Wire Reinforced Flexible Pipe Production Line plastic pipe machine:

2, color appearance requirements

The appearance of the plastic bellows should be smooth and uniform in color. The inner and outer walls are not allowed to have cracks in the partitions, bubbles, cracks, lumps and scratches that affect the use.

3, ring steel requirements

The plastic bellows ring stiffness should be no less than 6kN/m2. Prestressed Plastic bellows

The ring stiffness of the bellows is not less than 4 kN/m2.

4, flexibility requirements

Plastic bellows

After repeated bending five times according to the specified bending method, the cross-sectional diameter is Plastic bellows

The amount of change should be no more than 10% of the original diameter.

5, impact resistance requirements

The real impact rate of the plastic bellows low temperature drop hammer impact test is T1.

6, local lateral load

Plastic bellows?

When the bellows is subjected to 500N lateral partial load, the surface of the pipe is not broken, and the pipe is discharged 5 minutes after unloading.

The amount of residual deformation must not exceed 10% of the nominal inner diameter of the pipe.

7, bellows connection sealing requirements

There is no water leakage inside the corrugated pipe joints, and the joints between the pipes should be tight, without cracking or loosening.

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