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Teach you how to choose the inner rib tube production line correctly

2019-02-22 09:05:11

Inner rib tube features

The corrugated structure of the pipe is reasonable, which is beneficial to enlarge the contact surface with the soil and the backfill filled in the trough of the pipe and the pipe itself to bear the pressure of the surrounding soil, and make the pipe and soil work together. The structural design of the inner rib-reinforced spiral corrugated pipe device is reasonable, so that the loosening phenomenon is not easy to occur in use, and the use time of the bellows can be improved to some extent. Moreover, it also has the structural design of the inner ribs, so that it has high stability performance in use, so it has better impact resistance and pressure resistance. The upright inner rib in the middle of the pipe corrugation greatly improves the stability of the peak, which is beneficial to compression and impact resistance. The width of the welded surface of the plastic strip is large and the effect is good, so that the tensile strength of the joint of the pipe is high. The pipe connection adopts socket electric melting to ensure zero leakage, and the stainless steel clamp type connection is convenient and reliable. Application range: Corrosive sewage pipelines in seawater, industrial, chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, etc.; old city reconstruction, rain and sewage diversion projects, sewage treatment plants, waste treatment plant drainage; municipal, construction engineering buried drainage, power plants and other large projects Farmland irrigation and drainage;

The inner rib reinforced polyethylene spiral corrugated pipe is a full plastic inner rib reinforced winding pipe which is currently available on the market for the latest inner rib tube production line. The pipe is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and the pipe has a large external surface area to form a pipe and a pressure. The welding effect is good, and the tensile strength of the seam is enhanced. The inner rib structure is beneficial to improve the stability of the ring stiffness.
The inner rib-reinforced spiral corrugated pipe equipment is mainly a pipe production equipment mainly designed with inner rib structure, and it is a bellows production equipment with superior performance developed by the latest technology. Of course, in the production, the bellows is mainly made of polyethylene as a raw material, has a high density, and has been improved in technology, so that the treated pipe is not only beautiful in appearance but also has a large area. Therefore, the liquidity is good, and at the same time, it has strong resistance to pressure. In addition, the bellows has a better welding process in the production, can improve the effect of the reinforcing seam to a certain extent, and the use time is longer.

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