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Talking about the main configuration features of PE sheet production line equipment

2018-12-28 16:57:29

Qingdao Kechuang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. absorbs and digests foreign advanced technology and technology. The newly developed thick plate extrusion production line is mainly used for the production of PE and other plates. The thickness of the plate can be 20-60mm and the width of the plate is 750-1800mm. All kinds of matching parts of PE sheet production line can use world famous brand products, combined with our company's many years of sheet metal equipment manufacturing technology and experience, making it more reliable and perfect. The surface of the produced product is smooth and has small dimensional error, and has many advantages such as corrosion resistance and strong insulation.

The main configuration features of PE sheet production line equipment produced by our company:
1. The unit has compact structure, high output and long service life; the whole machine adopts DC or variable frequency speed regulation and selected electronic control system to achieve monotonous and group control linkage, and the control is precise, stable and reliable.
2, the barrel heating system with air cooling device to reduce temperature error; automatic temperature controller with PID adjustment function, making temperature control more accurate ± 2 ° C.
3. The calender roll drive is a single-roller independent transmission form; the independently controlled roll temperature adjustment system can precisely control the temperature of the calender roll to make the plate thickness uniform; the calender roll adopts advanced processing technology to ensure the roller precision and high production. Requirements for quality plastic sheet products. The three-roller type can be upright, 45° inclined, or horizontal.
4. The application of the station hydraulic quick change screen device (1.5 seconds/time) realizes the network change without stopping, so that the production can be carried out continuously.
5. The plastic extruder adopts single, two and three extruders for simultaneous extrusion, plastic melt distributor composite and extrusion die multi-channel compound for the production of single-layer and multi-layer composite sheet. A variety of models to choose from.
6. The selection of the plastic melt metering pump makes the plastic melt extrusion more stable and ensures the uniformity of the product.
7. The automatic feeding and drying system ensures the dryness of the materials to ensure the quality of the products; the performance is superior, and the alloy cylinder of the screw barrel is optimized and plasticized.
8. The width of the production of plastic sheet is less than 3m; the thickness of 0.3-20mm is available for selection; the cutting of the product adopts the automatic fixed length cutting device to ensure that the diagonal dimension of the sheet is accurate within 3mm.

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