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Safety and maintenance of auxiliary machinery for pe plastic pipe production line

2018-10-30 19:53:39

The pe plastic pipe production line produces a plastic extruded product. To complete the entire process, in addition to setting the extruder, the corresponding auxiliary equipment must be configured. Extrusion molding machines are an indispensable part of extrusion molding equipment. In the entire extrusion molding equipment, although the performance of the extruder main engine has a great influence on the output and quality of the product, if there is no suitable extruder head and auxiliary machine to cooperate with it, the product cannot be produced. If the performance of the machine head and auxiliary machine is not good, it is difficult to obtain a product with high output and good quality.
The performance characteristics of the pe plastic pipe production line extrusion pipe auxiliary machine are usually expressed by the following main technical parameters:
1. Cooling method and length of cooling tank;
2. Traction pipe diameter range, traction speed and driving power;
3. Cutting method and cutting pipe diameter range, cutting drive power;
4. Auxiliary machine center is higher;


These technical parameters are the main basis for measuring and selecting the auxiliary equipment for extrusion, and are the main parameters to be determined when designing the auxiliary equipment for extrusion.
Safety and maintenance of pe plastic pipe production line extrusion pipe auxiliary machine
(1) Safety of the extrusion pipe auxiliary machine During the pipe extrusion process, especially the process of starting the machine, the safety of the pipe extrusion auxiliary machine should pay attention to the following points.
1. Do not put your hand into the traction device when pulling, especially when it is turned on; if one hand is caught, immediately press the emergency stop button with the other hand (the emergency stop button should be in front of the traction device) ).
2. Pay attention to personal safety when cutting, especially when cutting manually, the body and the subject should maintain the correct posture.
(2) Maintenance of the extrusion auxiliary machine
Due to the lighter working load of the extruded auxiliary machine, the running speed is slower and the operation is simpler, the maintenance of the auxiliary machine is also simpler. For the cooling device, focus on maintaining its sealing part and vacuum system; for the traction device, focus on maintaining its transmission system; for the cutting device, periodically change the cutting tool. The rest is similar to extruder maintenance.

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