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Reasons why the plastic double-wall corrugated pipe equipment does not form at the start of the wave

2019-01-02 16:55:53

The double-wall corrugated pipe is a new type of pipe with an annular outer wall and a smooth inner wall. When connecting, the socket connection is usually adopted. When the double-walled corrugated pipe is turned on, the wave peak cannot be formed, which is usually accompanied by The layer vacuum does not reach the required vacuum (≥0.06Mpa), which is one of the most common phenomena in bellows production. There are generally three reasons for this:
1. For the parameters of the double-wall corrugated pipe, for example, the speed of the forming machine does not match the extrusion amount. If the extrusion amount is constant, if the forming machine speed is too fast, the blank in the module is too thick, and the compressed air and vacuum are negative. Under the action of the pressure, the blank cannot be attached to the inner surface of the module and it is difficult to form. If the speed of the molding machine is too fast, the blank is insufficient to fill the inner surface of the module, and the atmospheric pressure enters the vacuum chamber and cannot be formed.
2, the raw material of the double-wall corrugated pipe: there are impurities in the raw material; because some raw materials receive heat in the machine head for a long time, the raw material is thermally degraded, loses toughness, and is difficult to form; because the temperature of some sections is out of control, the temperature is too high. Charred, charred materials adhere to the surface of the mold. During the extrusion process, some of the coke is sometimes entrained, and the blank with the coke can not be formed. In addition, it is difficult to form the overall temperature too high.
3. The mechanical aspect of the double-wall corrugated pipe: the center line of the molding module deviates too far from the center line of the water jacket, so that the material on one side is seriously dragged (drag) and cannot be formed; the vacuum pipeline has air leakage; compressed air The gas path is blocked; the interval between the two modules is too large.

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