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Reasons why PPR pipe production line is widely used in the flooring industry

2018-11-20 16:57:14

Qingdao PPR pipe production line is a kind of polymer organic matter, which has good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and high strength. It is also widely used in the flooring industry based on the above points, and has good performance in floor packaging. effect.

First, the characteristics of glass fiber PPR

1. The coefficient of linear expansion is only about 20~30% of ordinary PP-R products; it completely solves the problem of expansion and contraction of plastic pipes.

2. The rigidity of the pipe is enhanced to prevent the pipe from sagging. At the same time, the density and quantity of the fixed support points are reduced, thereby reducing the overall cost of the project.

3. The pressure rating is higher, and the service life is longer under the usual design tremor force.

4, better high temperature performance, energy saving and consumption reduction effect; FR / PP-R application in hot water system, the normal use temperature can reach 95 ~ 100 ° C, not only improve the temperature of the medium used, but also reduce the insulation material Thickness, its overall cost is lower.

5. Large water flow rate: Under the same level of pressure conditions, the wall thickness of the FR/PP-R pipe increases the inner diameter of the pipe, thereby increasing the water flow (by 20%).

6. Solve the problem of oxygen permeability of the pipeline. The inner surface directly in contact with water is hygienic, non-toxic, and has good sealing performance, and does not form sphagnum moss. The glass fiber reinforced FR/PP-R pipe intermediate layer is completely isolated from the outside air and does not penetrate into the pipe, thereby inhibiting the growth of algae and keeping the water fresh and pure.

The floor made by Qingdao PPR pipe production line has the following advantages. First, long service life, with wool. The difference between man-made fibers and the like is that it can last for more than 50 years. It has been verified that this property is not affected by the climatic environment and temperature, so it is used in all countries of the world to make floors. Second, good waterproof effect, prevent the floor from swelling and prevent bacteria from growing in a long-term humid environment. Third, it is said that it can also resist earthquakes and hurricanes, and ensure that the environment inside the house is safe and reliable. Fourth, the most important point is that the fireproof and heat preservation effect is good, and the fireproof performance is now a more important feature. The heat preservation may be considered more in the winter.

The reason why the Qingdao PPR pipe production line is widely used in the flooring industry is here.

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