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Precautions for PE pipe production line products when leaving the factory

2018-11-21 17:26:39

PE pipe production line features:

1. PE pipe production line selects high-efficiency extruder with special HDPE and PP pipe. The screw adopts the structure of barrier and mixing head. The barrel adopts new slotting barrel, which has good plasticizing and mixing effect, large extrusion volume and very stable·

2. The PE pipe production line is a spiral die designed for HDPE and PP large-diameter thick-walled pipes. The die has the characteristics of low melt temperature, good mixing performance, low cavity pressure and stable production.

3. PE pipe production line adopts proprietary sizing and cooling system, using water film lubrication and water ring cooling to meet the requirements of HDPE and PP materials, ensuring high speed production of thick wall pipe is stable in diameter and roundness.

4. PE pipe production line adopts specially designed vacuum sizing box with multi-stage control vacuum to ensure the dimensional stability and roundness of HDPE and PP pipes. Extruder, traction machine adopts imported brand-name governor to move and control, and has good stability. High precision and high reliability.

5. PE pipe production line operation and time are programmed by PLC, and there is a good man-machine interface. All process parameters can be set and displayed through touch screen. It can be equipped with special extruder for marking line, which meets the requirements of national standards. Pipe with colored markings.

In a company, technology is the heart, and the quality of products is the soul of the company. Only by constantly innovating in technology and stabilizing in quality can we stand firm in the market. However, in the operation process of the PE production line, the quality of the employees is uneven, which requires the company to carry out corresponding training to ensure the technical proficiency of the employees, in order to ensure the high quality of the products.

The quality of the employees entering the PE pipe production industry is an important part, but the relevant inspection equipment is another important aspect. With the improvement of China's relevant inspection system, the transparency of product quality is also getting higher and higher, so it is necessary to continuously innovate in technology, and at the same time strengthen its own testing equipment and do a good job in product testing.

High-quality products are the foundation of the company's foothold in the market. While strengthening the innovation of technology, we must do our own testing to ensure the qualified rate of products can win in the fierce market competition.

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