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Plastic pipe production line troubleshooting

2018-11-02 16:55:17

Plastic pipe production line failure
(1) The outer surface of the plastic pipe is rough

Adjust the process temperature: reduce the cooling water temperature, the optimal cooling water temperature of the PE pipe is 20~25°C; check the waterway for blockage or insufficient water pressure; check whether the heating ring of the barrel and the head is damaged; adjust the sizing Water flow; consult raw material supplier, raw material parameters of this batch; check the core temperature of the mold, if it is higher than the temperature of the die section, lower the core temperature; clean the mold;

(2) Groove marks appear on the outer surface of plastic pipes

Adjust the outlet pressure of the sizing sleeve, balance the water output requirement; adjust the nozzle angle in the vacuum shaping box to make the tube cool evenly; check whether there are any debris, burrs, etc. in the hardware such as the die, the sizing sleeve and the cutting machine;

(3) Groove marks on the inner surface

Check whether the inner tube is filled with water. For example, if the water enters, the tube embryo of the outlet mold is pinched to close the inner cavity; the internal temperature of the mold is lowered; the mold is cleaned and polished;

PVC water supply and drainage pipe plastic pipe machine

(4) Jitter ring inside the pipe

Adjust the sizing sleeve to make the water uniform, adjust the vacuum of the two chambers, make the vacuum of the back chamber slightly higher than the vacuum of the front chamber; check whether the vacuum gasket is too tight; check whether the tractor has jitter; check the host Whether the material is uniform;

(5) no vacuum

Check whether the inlet of the vacuum pump is blocked, such as blockage, use needle to clear; check whether the vacuum pump works normally; check whether the vacuum line leaks; check whether the small hole in the middle of the core mold compression screw is blocked, such as blockage, use fine wire to clear;

(6) The outer dimensions of the pipe are out of tolerance

Adjusting the degree of vacuum can change the size of the outer garden; adjusting the traction speed can change the size of the outer garden; correcting the inner hole size of the sizing sleeve;

(7) Tube garden is out of tolerance

Adjust the angle of the nozzle in the vacuum setting machine and the spray box to make the pipe evenly cooled; check the water level in the vacuum setting machine, the water level in the spray box, and the pressure of the water pressure gauge to make the spray volume large and powerful; check the vacuum setting machine and the spray box. Water temperature condition, if >35 °C, need to configure the chilled water system or increase the spray cooling box; check the waterway, clean the filter; adjust the process; check and correct the inner diameter of the sizing sleeve; adjust the pipe guide clamping device to correct The ellipticity of the pipe;

(8) Uneven wall thickness of the pipe

Adjust the wall thickness on the mold; adjust the angle of the nozzle in the vacuum setting machine and the spray box to make the tube cool evenly; adjust the sizing water to make the water uniform; remove the mold, check whether the screw inside the mold is loose, and retighten;

(9) The plasticizing temperature is too high

Adjusting the process; adjusting the heating temperature of the core of the mold, and cooling and cooling the inside of the mold;

(10) The cutting gauge length is not accurate

Check if the gauge wheel is tight; check whether the gauge wheel is oscillating and tighten the gauge wheel fixing bolt; check whether the cutter travel switch is damaged; check whether the rotary encoder is damaged; whether the rotary encoder wiring is desoldered (aviation Whether the contact of the connector is good); each single-machine casing (PE terminal) should be grounded to a total grounding point by a grounding wire, and the grounding point should have a grounding pile that meets the requirements of electrical grounding, and the single-machine casing (PE terminal) is not allowed. Grounded in series, otherwise interference pulses will be introduced, causing the cutting length to be inaccurate;

(11) Coextrusion labeling problem

Coextrusion of marker strips: Generally, due to improper selection of co-extruded materials used by users, special materials such as PE should be used, and if necessary, the temperature of the extrusion section can be lowered;

The co-extruded label strip can not be squeezed out: if there is no co-extrusion label strip after 2 hours of starting, it is generally caused by the screw retraction of the co-extruder; the screw is removed and the screw is re-fastened;

The coextrusion marking strip is too thin or too wide: generally due to the mismatch between the extrusion volume of the coextrusion machine and the drawing speed of the pipe, the frequency of the co-extrusion machine frequency converter should be adjusted or the traction speed should be changed so that the speeds of the two can be matched; secondly, coextrusion The reason why the cooling water jacket of the machine lower section does not pass the cooling water;

Coextrusion machine marking strips sometimes do not: generally due to uneven feeding of the co-extruded material in the co-extruding machine, the water passing condition of the cooling water jacket of the lower feeding port should be checked and the appropriate co-extruded particle size should be selected (generally required particles < Φ3×3mm);

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