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Plastic board production line, industrial integration

2019-01-17 10:14:08

           Plastic board production line, industrial integration,Polypropylene (PP) extruded sheet is a kind of plastic sheet made by extruding, laminating, cooling, cutting and other processes in which PP resin is added with various functional additives.Plastic Board Production Line is a semi-crystalline material.It is harder than PE and has a higher melting point.Due to the PP homopolymer type temperature above 0 ℃ above is very fragile, so many business of PP material is 1 ~ 4% or higher ratio of ethylene content in random copolymer of ethylene embedded sections of copolymer.Also known as PP board, polypropylene board, PP cutting board, PP cutting board, punching plate, punching plate.

          The strength of PP increased with the increase of ethylene content in Plastic Board Production Line.PP vicat softening temperature is 150 ℃.Due to high crystallinity, the surface stiffness and scratch resistance of this material is very good.There is no environmental stress cracking problem in PP.In general, PP is modified by adding glass fiber, metal additives or thermoplastic rubber.

          The flow rate of PP MFR ranges from 1 to 40.PP materials with low MFR have better impact resistance but lower tensile strength.For materials with the same MFR, the strength of the copolymer type is higher than that of the homopolymer type.Both homopolymer and copolymer PP materials have excellent resistance to moisture absorption, acid and alkali corrosion and solubility.However, it is not resistant to aromatic (e.g. benzene) solvents, chlorinated (tetrachloride) solvents, etc.PP also does not have the same antioxidant properties as PE at high temperatures.


         Plastic Board Production Line produced PP with good fluidity and molding performance at the melting temperature. PP has two characteristics in processing: first, the viscosity of PP melt decreases significantly with the increase of shear rate (less affected by temperature);Secondly, the degree of molecular orientation is high and the shrinkage rate is large.

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