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PVC plastic pipe production line

2019-01-23 15:47:38

          PVC plastic pipe production line is a kind of multi-component plastic, according to different USES can be added with different additives, due to different components, PVC products show different physical and mechanical properties, for different applications.The proportion of PVC pipe production line was larger than that of plastic pipe production line.

         RPVC pipe is PVC resin and stabilizers, lubricants and other additives mixed, after granulating extruder molding, also can be used powder one-time extrusion molding.RPVC pipe chemical corrosion resistance and good insulation, mainly transport a variety of fluids, as well as used as wire sleeve.RPVC pipe is easy to cut, welding, bonding, heating and bending, so it is very convenient to install and use.

         SPVC pipe is made of PVC resin added a large number of plasticizer and a certain amount of stabilizer, as well as other additives, after granulation extrusion molding manufacturing.SPVC pipe material has excellent chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation and good softness and colorability, this kind of pipe is commonly used to replace rubber pipe, used to transport liquid and corrosive medium, also used as cable bushing and wire insulation pipe.

         PVC plastic pipe production line generally adopts lead stabilizer for hard pipes, which has good thermal stability and is often used with tribasic lead, but it has poor lubricity and is usually combined with lead and barium soap with good lubricity.

        Processing hard pipe, the choice and use of lubricants is very important, both to consider internal lubrication to reduce the intermolecular force, so that the melt viscosity of favorable molding, but also to consider external lubrication, to prevent the melt and hot metal adhesion, so that the surface of the products bright.

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