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PVC pipe production line manufacturers analyze PVC pipe market prospects

2018-12-17 16:29:12

In recent years, the development of plastic pipes in China has shown a strong growth trend, and plastic pipes are also the main force for China's development. The pvc pipe application market is extensive. The main products are pvc pipe profiles, pvc agricultural film, packaging, etc., which have been widely used in industries such as industry, agriculture, construction, electric power, automobiles, home appliances, packaging and utilities. The future will continue to grow at a faster rate.
Analysis of the prospect of PVC pipe market
     According to analysts from Shangpu Consulting, the domestic pvc production capacity is experiencing rapid growth. Relevant data show that the current annual growth rate of the plastics market in China is 15%, ranking first in the world. In recent years, the pvc pipe market, the high price of raw materials will continue for a period of time. Due to the consumption characteristics of pvc pipe, the price increase space is relatively small. Strengthening international trade and expanding the world market will become a new bright spot for the future development of the industry.
The short-term and long-term strength of pvc materials are much higher than that of pe materials. At the same time, the mrs and safety factors of pvc are much higher than pe, that is, the strength and safety of long-term use are higher than pe. Pvc pipe has good mechanical properties, and has excellent corrosion resistance. It is light in weight, easy to install and requires no maintenance. From the perspective of plastic products, pvc has good compatibility with various additives. A large amount of low-cost filler can be added to the pipe to greatly reduce the production cost.
At present, China has many varieties of pvc, excellent performance and wide use, which occupy an important position in the market. At present, the application of plastic pipes in China has not only been greatly developed in terms of quantity but also in terms of varieties and specifications. For example, the upvc pipe has reached more than 90% in some urban construction drainage applications, and most of the upvc pipe enterprises have achieved good results in recent years.
In the future, competition in the domestic market will become more intense, import dependence will be further reduced, and domestic exports will gradually increase. For related enterprises, we should increase the development of new products, enhance the ability of marketing innovation, and actively explore overseas markets and open up new profit points.


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