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PVC crust foam sheet equipment production line introduction

2018-12-17 17:20:08

PVC crust foaming sheet equipment production line consists of automatic feeder, SJSZ65/132 or SJSZ80/156 or SJSZ92/188 conical twin-screw extruder, mold, vacuum table, tractor, cutting machine, turning machine and Auxiliary equipment plastic mixing unit, plastic crusher, plastic mill, laminating machine, film slitting machine or 3D printer.

Hardness; although adding PP can increase the strength of PE board, it will cause the remaining performance to decrease quickly. It can be filled with talcum powder. The shape of talcum powder is flake-shaped, so it has higher rigidity, dimensional stability and heat-resistant temperature, and the reinforcing effect is good. After filling the talcum powder, the product is easy to show spots. The solution is as follows: 1. The filling ratio should not be too high, about 20%. 2. Modification of talc powder, addition of titanate coupling agent, compatibilizer, such as PP or PE acid rod graft of corresponding resin, can greatly increase the filling amount and guarantee, HDPE and filler Better compatibility. At the same time, suitable lubricants and processing aids are also of particular importance.

The PVC sheet machinery equipment production line has compact structure and superior performance. It adopts automatic control, stable equipment, convenient operation, high output and long service life. Adjusting the mold or changing the lip can produce plastic sheets of the same width and thickness that meet the requirements. The company is responsible for the installation, commissioning, training personnel and technical formula of the complete set of equipment, and implements turnkey projects.

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