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PE pipe production line product performance understanding

2018-10-10 08:56:45

PE pipe production line

The PE pipe production line has a unique structure, high degree of automation, convenient operation and stable and reliable continuous production. The pipe produced by the plastic pipe production line has moderate rigidity, strength, good flexibility, creep resistance, environmental stress crack resistance and good heat fusion performance, and has become the first choice for urban gas transmission pipelines and outdoor water supply pipes. .

The composition of the PE pipe production line: the pipe production line consists of a control system, an extruder, a head, a fixed cooling system, a tractor, a planetary cutting device and a turning frame. There are two extruders in each pipe production line. The main one extruder uses a strong conveying bushing and a high-efficiency screw, and the other smaller extruder is used to extrude the marking line.

Mold and auxiliary machine: The machine head adopts the newly designed basket type head or spiral split type squeeze tube composite head, which has the characteristics of convenient adjustment and uniform discharge. The sizing sleeve adopts unique slotting process and water ring cooling to ensure The forming precision of the pipe.

The PE pipe production line adopts PE high-efficiency screw and slotted barrel, and has strong water jacket cooling, which greatly improves the conveying capacity and ensures efficient extrusion; high-torque vertical structure reduction box; DC drive motor. The basket-type compound die for polyolefin processing guarantees high-efficiency extrusion stability while achieving minimum stress and highest tube quality at low melt temperatures. The high-efficiency double-cavity vacuum sizing technology and the spray cooling water tank are used to improve the yield of the pipe and meet the needs of high-speed production. With multi-crawler traction machine, the traction is even and stable. Each track is driven by an independent AC servo motor, and the drive technology controlled by the digital controller realizes accurate speed adjustment to achieve high synchronization. The high-speed, precision-designed cutting machine has a flat cutting section and a powerful suction device to minimize maintenance.

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