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PE pipe production line has strict production standards

2018-11-21 17:34:55

PE pipe production line products:

At present, the domestic plastic pipe production capacity reaches 3 million tons, mainly including PVC, PE and PP-R pipes. Among them, PVC pipe is the largest plastic pipe with market share, accounting for nearly 70% of the plastic pipe. More than 1,600 PE pipe production lines. The annual production capacity is over 2.5 million tons. In 2003, the annual output of PVC pipes (pipe fittings) reached more than 1.2 million tons. In plastic pipes, the share of PVC is 70%, PE is 25%, PP-R is 4%, and the others are 1%.

Process flow of PE pipe production line. Production process raw materials + additive preparation → mixing → conveying feeding → forced feeding → cone twin-screw extruder → extrusion die → sizing sleeve → spray vacuum setting box → soaking cooling water tank → ink printer → crawler traction Machine → lifting knife cutting machine → pipe stacking rack → finished product inspection packaging.

China's PE pipe production line has developed rapidly in recent years. The annual growth rate of PVC pipe is 8%, and the annual demand growth rate is 2%. Among plastic pipes, the amount of PVC pipe has been far ahead, and it is widely used in water supply and drainage pipes. Due to the relatively mature technology, PVC water supply pipes have not invested much in product innovation in recent years. There are relatively few new products. There are many common products on the market, few high-tech and high-value-added products, and similar general-purpose products and medium- and low-end products account for the majority. In part, there are fewer high-end products.

PE pipe production lines have strict production standards:

The production standard of the PE pipe production line is very strict, which is inseparable from his use. The accuracy requirements of this product are very high. Therefore, we have strict standards when producing such products. PE pipe production lines, rubber rings and other material specifications should meet the design requirements, with the product certification and product performance specifications of the quality inspection department, and should indicate the product specifications and production date.

The outer diameter of the pipe socket, the size and roundness of the inner diameter of the socket must comply with the product standards. The compressive strength and stiffness of the pipe should meet the design requirements. The socket type interface rubber ring is made of neoprene rubber, and the Shore hardness is 45-55MPa. It is supplied by the pipeline manufacturer according to the specifications. The pipe requires uniform appearance, the inner wall is smooth, the pipe body must not have cracks, and the pipe mouth must not have defects such as damage, cracks and deformation. The end face of the pipe shall be flat and perpendicular to the central axis of the pipe, and no obvious bending shall occur in the axial direction.

The specific role of the PE pipe production line to develop a specific production model is a must-have for our production. The performance and size of the rubber ring for the pipe joint should meet the design requirements. The appearance of the rubber ring should be smooth and flat, and there must be no pores, cracks, wrinkles, breakage, heavy skin and seams.

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