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Our company's plastic extrusion profile production line introduction

2018-11-05 16:09:39

Application: Profile extrusion equipment is equipped with parallel twin-screw or cone-type twin-screw or single-screw extruder, mainly used for producing all kinds of plastic door and window profiles, supermarket shelf signs, decorative lines, yin and yang corners, baseboards, Trunking, modern stair railings, furniture edge strips, decorative panels and many other fields.
Applicable materials: abs, pvc, pp, pe, ps, tpu, pa, eva, pc, pmma, pom, etc.

WPC Profile Machine Instruction

Profile extrusion line components:
It consists of extruder, mold, three-position electric moving vacuum setting table, wear-resistant traction machine, online fine cutting machine, stacking rack and so on.
Profile extrusion line features:
With reference to foreign technology, the unique screw design features uniform plasticization, stable operation and high output.
Both the main engine and the traction device adopt Taiwan Delta's variable frequency speed controller, profiles, which can realize stepless speed regulation of the whole line; the temperature control of the profile production equipment adopts Japan Omron temperature control instrument, and the profile production equipment can realize accurate temperature control; The external circulation or internal circulation temperature control system is adopted to avoid over-plasticization of materials due to high output.
 The three-position electric mobile vacuum setting table adopts the water circulation type sealed energy-saving vacuum system, and is equipped with centralized water supply and quick-change joints, which can easily and quickly replace different types of shaping molds, which can ensure the stability and non-deformation of the profile extrusion process;
 The on-line precision cutting device guarantees the surface finish of the extruded product; the cutting device is a synchronous tracking structure, which ensures that the product has a flat section and no chipping phenomenon.
Abs, pvc, pp, pe, ps, tpu, pa, ac, pc, pmma profile production equipment extruded profiles are beautiful in appearance, strong in compression resistance, good in light stability and thermal stability, low in dimensional change rate, and resistant Ageing

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