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New advantages of corrugated pipe produced by our prestressed plastic corrugated pipe production line

2018-12-27 17:23:11

At present, the demand for corrugated pipe manufacturers in China is gradually increasing, which brings challenges and opportunities to various corrugated pipe enterprises. Bellows are used in a wide range of applications in modern industry. Since bellows are widely used in various fields, they are increasingly being paid attention to and reused by the market, and the types of products are also diversified. Now Qingdao Kechuang Plastic Machine introduces the new advantages of the corrugated pipe produced by our prestressed plastic corrugated pipe production line:

Prestressed plastic corrugated pipe production line
1. The friction coefficient of the reserved channel of the prestressed plastic bellows is small, so that the prestressing reduces the friction loss during the tensioning process.
2, HDPE is the raw material of prestressed plastic corrugated pipe. Its corrosion resistance is far superior to metal, alkali corrosion, not afraid of acid, it does not corrode itself, can effectively protect the prestressed tendons from corrosion. Many prestressed structures are subject to severe external influences such as deicing salts or salt water. The prestressed tendons may be corroded when the rear member is broken due to the collapse of the waterproof layer, the micro-crack leakage and the drainage facility are blocked or failed. The prestressed plastic corrugated pipe can provide a barrier protection function for the prestressing tendon, which can prevent the harmful substances from penetrating the pipeline, thereby ensuring the durability of the post-tensioned prestressed structure.
3. The prestressed plastic corrugated pipe is non-conductive and can prevent stray current corrosion.
4. The strength of the prestressed plastic corrugated pipe is high, it is not afraid of pressing, and it is not easy to be broken by the vibrating bar.
5. The prestressed plastic corrugated pipe has better fatigue resistance and can greatly improve the fatigue resistance of the component.
In the heating pipe, in order to prevent the pipe from being deformed or destroyed due to thermal elongation or temperature stress when heating the heating pipe, it is necessary to provide a bellows on the pipe to compensate for the thermal elongation of the pipe, thereby reducing the stress of the pipe wall. And the force acting on the valve member or bracket structure.

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