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Maintenance method for important parts of plastic board production line

2018-12-21 17:17:28

Maintenance method for important parts of plastic board production line
The various parts of the plastic board production line, how do we carry out maintenance and standard operation, the plastic board production line and other conveying equipment is not only maintenance, the workers operate at the time of operation, only the Baidu website optimization, the conveyor line can run normally. The following describes the maintenance methods for several tight parts of the PERT pipe production line.

1. Maintenance and maintenance of the dimensional motor of the head motor: Do not enter the water in the motor. Once the water enters, there will be a chance that the insulation of the motor will be destroyed and the equipment will not work.

Plastic board production line

PP Hollow Grid Board Production Line

2. Maintenance and maintenance of the chain: The chain needs to be observed more, and the butter and lubricating oil are added frequently. Due to the long-term operation of the chain, the lubricating liquid will evaporate, causing the noise to become larger and tend to crawl.

3. Maintenance and maintenance of the gearbox at the head of the assembly line: After using the engine for the first time, drain the excess oil in the gearbox, then use gasoline, diesel, etc. to take a bath inside the gearbox, and then add a new one. Lubricating oil is applied to the middle of the viewing window. This will be done once every year in the future. We need to be careful: too little lubricant will cause the gearbox noise and overheating, the automobile assembly line manufacturer, and even the gearbox will be scrapped, and each time the lubricant can not exceed the middle of the observation window, too much will lead to The gearbox is overheated, the motor load is too large and the cherished switch is disconnected.

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