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How to choose the sewage pipe produced by prestressed plastic corrugated pipe equipment

2019-01-11 17:15:31

As a new type of pore-forming material, prestressed plastic corrugated pipe has the advantages of not being afraid of acid and alkali corrosion, good sealing performance, no water seepage, slurry leakage, high ring stiffness, low friction coefficient, anti-aging and anti-aging. Electro-corrosion, good softness and toughness, not easy to be broken by the crowbar, convenient construction and connection, etc., solves all the drawbacks of the traditional metal bellows. The pipe was originally imported from abroad, with high prices and long delivery times. So how to choose the sewage pipe produced by prestressed plastic corrugated pipe equipment:

1. To determine what kind of pipe production equipment to choose, for pipe production enterprises, first of all, according to the market demand and the characteristics of various pipes, as well as the specific conditions of the enterprise itself, determine which type of pipe to choose. Regardless of which form of pipe is chosen, an important job is to reduce the cost of the product while meeting the quality requirements. All the companies that have been engaged in the production of plastic pipes know that the cost of raw materials accounts for about 75-85% of the total cost of plastic pipes. The reason why double-wall corrugated pipes are larger than other forms of buried drainage pipes Faster development, more extensive engineering applications, in addition to product performance and production efficiency, one of the most important factors is the wall-wall structure of double-wall corrugated pipe and its plastic buried drainage pipe with other pipe wall structures. In comparison, the same ring stiffness can be achieved, and the weight is lighter, that is, less material is needed to meet an engineering requirement, and the natural cost is lower. When competing with other pipe-structured plastic pipes, it will have a great cost. Advantage. This is why some powerful manufacturers have to spend millions or even tens of millions of yuan (imported production lines) to choose to produce double-wall corrugated pipes instead of choosing to spend hundreds of thousands of yuan to make a hollow wall winding tube. s reason. Because in addition to the two factors of product performance and production efficiency, even if the equipment investment of the double-wall corrugated pipe production line is much higher than the investment of the hollow-wall winding pipe equipment, it is distributed to each meter of pipe, and the cost of equipment investment is the same as the total cost of the pipe. Than, almost negligible.

2. At present, the two types of pipes that are widely used in China are double-wall corrugated pipes and hollow-walled winding pipes. These two kinds of pipes and pipe production equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which pipe should be selected in the application should be determined according to the specific conditions. However, when I communicated with relevant industry insiders, I found that some manufacturers, especially some equipment manufacturers, are not standing in an objective position. They are realistic about introducing the characteristics of these two types of pipes and equipment, but purely for the purpose of selling equipment, using some Manufacturers who have just entered the industry are not familiar with the situation and publicize some opinions that are quite different from the facts, such as: double-wall corrugated pipe can not use recycled materials; double-wall corrugated pipe ring stiffness is not high; double-wall corrugated pipe equipment investment Large, high risk, long payback period, and low investment in hollow wall winding pipe equipment, low risk, fast recovery; even more, even based on the investment of double-wall corrugated equipment, "derived" PE double-wall corrugated pipe The cost is higher than the cost of PE hollow wall winding pipe!? From the above point of view, if Kechuang personally heard some manufacturers who are doing hollow wall winding pipe products, they can't believe it!
3. It is well known that in the production of double-wall corrugated pipes, an important indicator of the pipe is the ring stiffness. When using the same raw materials to produce double-wall corrugated pipes of the same diameter, the design of the crest structure of the bellows is scientific and reasonable, which directly determines the rigidity of the pipe ring. In other words, it can obtain lighter meters when the ring stiffness is the same. weight. Of course, the ring stiffness of the pipe is not as large as possible. In a project, it is the SN4 or the ring stiffness of the SN8. This is done by the municipal design department according to the working principle of the plastic pipe, the construction conditions, the buried depth of the pipe, and the backfill. The compactness and the factors such as the load (dynamic load or static load) after the pipe is laid, and then select a suitable ring stiffness value according to the relevant design standards and specifications. As a double-wall corrugated pipe manufacturer, it is necessary to consider a question: how to make the pipe unit reduce the unit weight of the pipe as much as possible under the premise of ensuring the rigidity of the ring, that is, reduce the cost? Therefore, the market-competitive double-wall corrugation Tubes must have scientific and reasonable peaks, so that the less materials used, the smaller the unit weight and the lower the cost. Therefore, if you want to get involved in the production of double-wall corrugated pipe, when choosing the production equipment, you must pay attention to the peak shape of the pipe provided by each production equipment manufacturer. That is, the peak should not only have enough height - the guarantee of high ring stiffness, but also There is enough width - a guarantee of cost reduction. Because this is the basic guarantee for making the pipe competitive in the market.

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