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How to choose raw materials for PE sheet production line

2018-11-14 17:18:25

The high efficiency of the PE sheet production line is very popular, but the cost reduction in the production line has been tirelessly pursued by the industry, and the choice of raw materials has a great impact on the reduction of casting costs. This has formed a unified consensus on the industry. . The quality of raw materials not only affects the quality of the castings, but also has a significant impact on the amount and consumption of other raw materials.

The raw materials of the PE sheet production line are sand and PE sheets. There are three types of sand: ordinary sand, washed sand and scrub sand. When the sand is selected, the content of the sand is as small as possible. Most of the sand is used as raw materials; There are two principles: one is the principle of proximity, and the other is the lower the angle coefficient, the better. PE sheets are expensive and have a greater impact on casting costs.

Poor quality PE sheets can lead to higher scrap yields and higher costs, which are also detrimental to the quality of the prototype sand. For the properties of PE sheet to have this clear data to support, it is best to obtain the data, or you can choose a reputable PE sheet company to reduce the amount of operation.

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