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How to carry out routine maintenance work on PVC sheet production line

2018-11-14 17:22:26

PVC sheet properties:

General properties PVC resin is a white or light yellow powder with a relative density of 1.35 - 1.45. The softness and hardness of the product can be adjusted by adding a plasticizer.

Mechanical properties PVC has high hardness and mechanical properties. And it increases with the increase of molecular weight, but decreases with the increase of temperature. The mechanical properties of rigid PVC are good, and its elastic modulus can reach 1500-3000MPa. The soft PVC has an elasticity of 1.5-15 MPa. However, the elongation at break is as high as 200%-450%. The friction of PVC is generally, the static friction factor is 0.4-0.5, and the dynamic friction factor is 0.23.

Thermal properties The thermal stability of PVC is very poor, starting to decompose at 140 ° C, the melting temperature is 160 ° C. PVC has a small coefficient of linear expansion, is flame retardant, and has an oxidation index of up to 45 or more. Therefore, heat stabilizers need to be added during the processing to ensure the performance of the product.

Electrical properties PVC is a polymer with good electrical properties, but due to its large polarity, electrical insulation is not as good as PP and PE. Dielectric constant, dielectric loss tangent and volume resistivity are large, corona resistance is not good, generally suitable for medium and low voltage and low frequency insulation materials.

Environmental properties PVC is resistant to most inorganic acids, bases, salts, and most organic solvents. Suitable for medicine, chemical anti-corrosion materials.

The service life of PVC sheet production lines has always been a problem for manufacturers, and it is essential for its daily maintenance work, which is also an important way to improve its service life. The maintenance of the PVC sheet production line is mainly a maintenance of the lost foam production equipment.

First and foremost, the most important point is to choose the appropriate production process according to the type of casting. That is to say, the PVC sheet production line is used to produce castings suitable for it. If the result of the selection is not appropriate, even the best mechanical equipment cannot guarantee its Service life. In addition, the batch and material of the castings must be determined in advance, and the size and structure of the castings should also be taken into account. The advantages of the PVC sheet production line are many, but not applicable to any casting production. There is also a step by step step in the casting process, do not rush to seek success. The parts of the equipment should be checked and replaced regularly so as not to affect the overall situation.

In a word, the daily maintenance of a PVC sheet production line in Russia is a long-term insistence to ensure its longevity.

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