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Development of precision extrusion molding technology and equipment application prospects

2019-02-27 17:13:04

The main control parameters of precision extrusion equipment and conventional extrusion equipment are basically the same. In precision extrusion molding equipment, in order to achieve more precise and precise control of system parameters, advanced control methods and advanced testing instruments are adopted, and closed-loop control is realized by controlling parameters of main target quality (such as product geometric accuracy). Statistical process control SPC (Statistical ProcessControl), complex control (such as cascade control, feedforward control, etc.) and intelligent control (such as expert control system, fuzzy control, etc.) to achieve precise control of the final target quality (product geometry accuracy) . Precision
Development and application prospects of precision extrusion molding technology The development of extrusion molding theory is that people can precisely design extrusion molding processes and precision extrusion equipment according to the molding requirements of products. The innovation of new basic equipment for the purpose of stable extrusion, the continuous improvement of the level of modern machining technology and the adoption of advanced control technology have provided a great space for the development of precision extrusion technology. The molding of precision products, the molding of functional products, the molding requirements of reactive extrusion products, and the molding process requirements of biaxial stretching, functionally graded materials and micro-foamed products are powerful driving forces for the development of precision extrusion technology. The development of precision extrusion technology will have a huge impact on the plastics processing industry, and the application prospects are very broad. Precision extrusion molding will become a high value-added processing industry. In the concept of people, extrusion molding is a high-speed, low value-added plastic processing method, but the development and application of precision extrusion technology will change this state.

At present, the sales volume of domestically produced extrusion equipment is more than 8,000 sets/year, the sales volume is about 3 billion yuan, the imported extrusion equipment is more than 2,000 sets/year, the import volume is about 200 million US dollars (about 2 billion yuan), and the imported extrusion equipment is mainly For large and precision equipment, the unit price is 8~10 times that of domestic equipment, and its added value is significantly higher than domestic equipment.
Imported precision extrusion equipment mainly includes large diameter solid wall pipe and corrugated pipe production line, geomembrane production line, biaxially stretched film (BOPP, BOET, BOPA, BOPS, etc.) production line, drip irrigation pipe production line, medical catheter production line, audio-visual film base and Photosensitive film-based production line, large-scale twin-screw extrusion granulation equipment for petrochemicals, and multi-functional extrusion for various laboratories. The reason why these imported precision extrusion equipment can enter the Chinese market at a high price depends mainly on technical advantages, such as high precision, high speed, high efficiency and high reliability.

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