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Customs and types of materials used in PE sheet production lines

2018-11-16 17:16:09

The PE pipe itself is the main product of the PE sheet production line. PE sheet production lines generally use high density polyethylene and density polyethylene as raw materials. PE polyethylene plastic, the most basic plastic, plastic bag plastic wrap, etc. are all PE.

The PE sheet production line is made of PE high-density polyethylene plastic, which is a high-crystallinity, non-polar thermoplastic resin. The appearance of the original PE is milky white, and it is semi-transparent in a slight section. PE has excellent resistance to most living and industrial chemicals. Certain types of chemicals can cause chemical corrosion, such as corrosive oxidants, aromatic hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons. The polymer is non-hygroscopic and has good water vapor resistance and can be used for packaging purposes. PE has good electrical properties, especially high dielectric strength, making it suitable for wire and cable. Medium to high molecular weight grades have excellent impact resistance, both at ambient temperatures and even at low temperatures of -40F. The connection end of the PE pipe shall be marked according to the length of the insertion, and the entire outer circumference of the pipe joint shall be scraped.

For the products produced by the PE sheet production line, the scraping length should not be less than the marking size. After the scraping is completed, it should be marked twice. The welding parameters of the electrofusion joint should meet the requirements of the pipe and pipe fitting manufacturer. After the pipe is inserted into the pipe fitting, it should be inspected according to the mark. , confirm that the insertion is in place.

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