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Correct operation method of PVC plastic sheet production line

2018-11-27 17:30:09

Ecological art wall, also known as 'integrated wall surface', is made of bamboo fiber as a material. Resin material is used as a surface technology. It is widely used in home, engineering and other wall decoration materials, bamboo fiber fiber plastic wallboard The equipment, the color is comparable to the traditional wallpaper, and at the same time has the advantages of siding, as a new alternative wall paint, wallpaper wall decoration materials.
"PVC Packing Wall Panel" is a new type of decorative material that integrates environmental protection, heat insulation, moisture resistance, heat preservation, fire prevention, sound insulation, and other elements. Stone plastic wallboard equipment, lightweight materials, stone plastic wallboard equipment production Manufacturer, easy to install. It can solve the problems that the seaside wall is prone to mildew, the wall is dirty and easy to wash, and at the same time meet the requirements of fire prevention of engineering buildings.
"Ecological art wall", also known as "integrated wall surface" is made of bamboo wood fiber. Resin material is used as a surface technology to make wall decoration materials widely used in homes, engineering, etc., and the colors are comparable to traditional wallpapers. It also has the advantage of siding, as a new alternative wall paint, wall covering material for wallpaper.
Kechuang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. manufactures bamboo wood fiber integrated wall production line PVC wood plastic quick-installing wallboard equipment ecological wall panel production machine: the production line mainly consists of cone-type twin-screw, bamboo charcoal plastic wallboard equipment, mold, vacuum table , traction machine, cutting machine, turning frame. The production line adopts automatic control, high degree of automation, stable equipment, easy operation and high production efficiency. Through the replacement of different specifications of the mold can produce a variety of specifications, size, shape, thickness of wood-plastic decorative wall panels, wood-plastic wall panels, quick-install wall panels, ecological wall panels.
High anti-corrosion and durability, good toughness, light weight and shock resistance, no deformation, not easy to aging, anti-creep, not easy to corrode, long service life, one decoration, benefit.

The correct operation method of PVC plastic sheet production line:

1. PVC plastic sheet production line preheating: This is to make the mold heated before starting, it needs to be preheated to mold heating.

2. Clamping: Reasonable adjustment of the opening and closing stroke is beneficial to improve the demoulding of the product and the effect of product feeding.

3. Preheating of PVC plastic sheet production line: steam enters the solid transfer mold, preheating the mold, so that the mold is preheated, and the condensed water and cold air are discharged during the retention period: increase the mold temperature and enhance the appearance of the product. The degree of fusion.

4. Penetration heating: increase the core of the product, the internal fusion is penetrated by heating, and the waste steam is more serious.

5. Heating on both sides: further enhance the heating effect and improve the surface quality of the product.

6. Rewarming (insulation): All valves are closed, making full use of the residual heat of the mold, so that the product is insulated and heated, which is beneficial to the surface melting of the product and can save energy (steam).

7 vacuum cooling:. The vacuum valve is opened, the vacuum pump is vacuumed to evacuate all the residual heat and moisture in the mold and the product, and part of the foaming agent is removed to prevent the product from swelling and forming a negative pressure in the mold, which is beneficial to demoulding the product.

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