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Common faults in plastic pipe production lines and related treatment methods

2019-03-07 17:24:00

Treatment methods often encountered in pipe production lines:

      1. The extrusion machine has a scorch on the outside of the pipe. The cause is that the temperature of the fuselage or the head is too high; the machine head and the filter are not clean and clean; the particles are suspected to have impurities; the thermal stability of the material is poor or the thermal stability dose is too small; The temperature meter is malfunctioning.

      2. Extrusion machine has a black stripe on the outer surface of the pipe. The temperature of the machine head is too high and the filter is not clean and clean.

     3. Extruder tube extrusion surface is dull. Can be the mold temperature is too low or too high.

     4. Extruder tube extrusion has wrinkles on the outside. It can be uneven temperature near the die; the cooling water is too hot; the traction is too slow.

5. Extrusion machine extrusion pipe inner wall roughness can be the core rod temperature is low; the fuselage temperature is too low; the screw temperature is too high.

     6. There are cracks on the inner wall of the extruded pipe of the extruder. The material can be contaminated; the temperature of the mandrel is too low; the temperature of the fuselage is low; the pulling speed is too fast.

      7. The inner wall of the extruder extrusion tube has high and low unevenness. The screw temperature is too high; the screw speed is too fast.

      8. There are bubbles on the inner wall of the extruder extrusion tube.

      9. Uneven thickness of the extruded pipe wall of the extruder can be die, the core die is not aligned; the temperature of the head is not uniform; the traction is not stable; the compressed air is not stable.

      10. Tube twists and turns The wall thickness of the pipe can be uneven; the temperature near the machine head is not uniform; the cooling groove of the machine head is not aligned in the middle of the traction cut; the holes in the cooling groove are not concentric.

      11. Extruder extrusion products can be brittle. The degree of plasticization of the fuselage is not good; the screw speed is too fast; the head temperature is too low; the resin viscosity is too high.

      12. The longitudinal or transverse shortening of the pipe is large. The radial difference between the sizing sleeve and the inner diameter of the die is large (lateral); the traction speed is high (longitudinal).

      13. Extruder extrusion occasionally slow discharge The screw feed section temperature is high; the fuselage is water; the head solution pressure is small.

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