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Classification and characteristics of plastic extrusion profile production lines

2018-11-05 16:15:08

Classification of plastic extrusion profile production lines:

The plastic profile extrusion process can be divided into two types: pre-coextrusion and post-coextrusion according to the molding state of the coextruded material. Pre-coextrusion means that two materials are composited in the process of not being fully formed; post-coexcitation means that one material has been completely formed and then composited with another material. The advantage of post coextrusion is that it can utilize waste materials and is economical.

The extrusion process of plastic profile can be divided into organic coextrusion and inorganic coextrusion according to different extrusion materials. Organic coextrusion consists of co-extrusion of the same material (such as pre-coextrusion of fine material and mixed regrind) and co-extrusion of different materials (such as co-extrusion before PMMA and PVC) and post-coextrusion of soft and hard PVC; inorganic coextrusion Can be divided into aluminum-plastic composite co-extrusion and steel-plastic composite co-extrusion.

The focus is on co-extrusion, co-extrusion of aluminum-plastic composite profiles, co-extrusion of steel-plastic composite profiles, and two-color coextrusion.

Compared with the traditional pre-coextrusion (hereinafter referred to as FCE) technology, the post-coextrusion plastic profile extrusion process has the characteristics of simple process, flexible application, low scrap rate, easy recycling, and controllable bond strength. At present, this technology is mainly used to manufacture profiles for doors and windows with sealing strips.

PVC Roofing Profile Production Line

The traditional pre-coextrusion plastic profile extrusion process technology is a one-shot molding technique. Molten materials having different rheological behaviors or different colors are extruded from the two or more extruders into the same molding die, and the melts flow in the respective flow paths in the molding die, and then merged and extruded at the die, and The set is vacuumed and cooled.

Characteristics of plastic extrusion profile production line:

The machine mainly produces small-diameter single-wall corrugated pipes with PVC, PP and PE as raw materials.

Corrugated tube products with smooth inside and outside and uniform corrugation are formed through the corresponding mold at one time.

Wire and cable threading pipe, washing clothes drain pipe, vacuum cleaner pipe, ventilation pipe, etc.

Carefully developed bellows for small-diameter automotive wires such as 4-6.7mm to fill the domestic gap

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