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Characteristics of polyethylene PE sheet

2018-12-12 17:22:19

The PE sheet is produced by extruding PE raw materials from plastic sheet equipment. As a professional manufacturer of PE sheet production lines, we hereby explain the characteristics of PE sheet. Before we understand the properties of PE sheets, we first need to understand what polyethylene PE materials are. PE scientific name polyethylene, English name Polyethylene, is a thermoplastic resin material with good chemical and physical properties such as corrosion resistance and electrical insulation.
Polyethylene PE sheet has the characteristics of light weight, impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and small friction coefficient, as follows:

PVC Sheet Production Line:

1. Extremely high wear resistance: Due to its unique molecular structure, the wear resistance is higher than that of ordinary metal plastic products, which is 6.6 times that of carbon steel, 5.5 times of stainless steel, 27.3 times of brass, and 6 times of nylon. 5 times that of polytetrafluoroethylene.
2, excellent chemical resistance: can withstand almost all acid, alkali, salt medium except strong sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid and other strong oxidants.
3, non-stick: surface tension, large friction coefficient, no polarity, so it is not compatible with common substances, so it is not easy to stick to the scale.
4, the friction coefficient is small: due to its waxy substance, self-lubricating is very good, flow resistance is small, saving energy.
5, good impact resistance: even at low temperatures, subject to strong fracture.
6, electrical insulation: has good electrical insulation, insulation resistance is extremely high.
7, other properties: good toughness, anti-fatigue, no exudate, the use temperature -70 ° C to 90 ° C.

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