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Characteristics and application of PVC roofing tile for PVC roofing tile extrusion production line

2018-12-13 17:16:15

Characteristics and application of PVC roofing tile extrusion line PVC roofing tile: excellent fireproof performance, non-flammable material, no spontaneous combustion, chemical corrosion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, fast heat dissipation, excellent lighting performance and long service life; It is resistant to outdoor atmospheric exposure and has good heat insulation performance. It can provide a more comfortable environment than metal tiles in hot summer. It has a wide range of applications, workshops, warehouses, carports, farmer's market, hoarding, wall, temporary shops, and thermal insulation sheds. Very suitable.

Kechuang plastic hollow composite roof tile production line The surface of the insulation board is ASA-anti-aging material, the base layer is PVC, hollow structure, the inner part can be injected with rock wool, polyurethane and other insulation materials, and the thermal insulation effect is very good.

PVC Roofing Profile Production Line:

Hollow composite roof tile production line: It is a new type of UV-resistant plastic roof extrusion equipment developed by our company.
Kechuang plastic hollow composite roof tile production line features:
●acid, alkali, corrosion resistant and long service life;
●Anti-impact, anti-stretch, fireproof, low noise, anti-ultraviolet, is a new environmentally friendly material;
●Colorful and colorful, no fading, waveform design according to customer needs;
●Simple installation and low shipping cost.
The product is processed in one time using two-layer co-extrusion technology;
Surface ASA or PMMA material: super weather resistant resin to ensure product durability and chemical resistance;
Base PVC material: white tough material, which can increase the spatial sense and brightness of the plant;
Structure: hollow structure, can be injected with foamed insulation material, greatly increasing the function of insulation, sound insulation and heat insulation.

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