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Brief introduction to the technical measures for forming pre-stressed plastic corrugated pipe equipment

2018-12-28 17:01:07

Looking at the domestic corrugated pipe manufacturers, the core value of the corrugated pipe enterprise is that it can play an absolute role in the development of its industry. It can be seen that the market potential of the bellows cannot be underestimated. According to the test of the friction resistance of the prestressed plastic corrugated pipe equipment and the prestressing loss of the anchor ring and the overall construction technical requirements of the precast construction of the box girder, in order to ensure the construction quality of the prestressed engineering, the prestressed plastic corrugated pipe was taken into the hole. The following technical measures:

Prestressed plastic corrugated pipe production line

1. The corrugated pipe material for prestressed plastic corrugated pipe equipment must meet the strength to maintain the shape of the pipe to prevent damage during handling and concrete pouring; at the same time, it should have good flexibility, wear resistance and insulation performance; The material of the pipe does not have a bad chemical reaction with concrete, prestressed tendons or cement slurry.
2. When installing the bellows, ensure that the position is correct, the hole is smooth, and the pre-embedded steel backing plate at the end is perpendicular to the center line of the hole; before the installation of the pipe, the plastic bellows is staked according to the coordinates specified by the design, and the positioning bar is set. The positioning of the steel bar is marked with paint, etc., and then the "corrugated stirrups are used to fix the bellows to the fixed steel bar (using spot welding or wire tie), and the spacing of the positioning stirrups is 60 cm in a straight line segment and 40 cm in a curved segment.
3. The corrugated pipe connection is welded by special welding machine or special joint is used, and the joint is tightly wrapped with sealing tape. Double protection is adopted to avoid the blockage of cement slurry into the pipe when pouring concrete.
4. The connection between the bellows and the anchor pad is sealed with a sealant after the connection, and then the sealant is tightened by wire.
5. After the prestressed plastic corrugated pipe enters the scene, arrange a special person to check its shape, appearance quality and whether there is any damage during transportation. After the corrugated pipe is bundled and formed, the full-time quality inspection personnel are arranged to pass the inspection before they can enter the next process.
6. After the pipe is installed in the formwork, the core pipe is inserted into the pipe, and the core pipe runs through the length of the pipe to prevent the pipe from being deformed and moved due to excessive compressive stress of the concrete. After the concrete was poured about 100 (temperature X hours), the inner tube of the bellows was taken out, and the surface of the core tube was observed to confirm that no slurry penetrated into the pipe.

Manufacturers of prestressed plastic corrugated pipe production lines should pay attention to the development of their industries and make appropriate adjustments according to their own business conditions, so that they can develop better and faster in the future. The bellows is shaped like a special thread to make it resistant to pressure and impact resistance, which greatly exceeds the technical standard of GB/T13381.9. It is light in weight and strong in strength, high in temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, free length, freely bendable, and traction wire in the pipe, which makes construction quick and easy to maintain. Its non-breaking performance is especially good, and its service life is up to 50 years.

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