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About plastic sheet production line use and product application

2019-01-03 17:02:59

The price of pe plastic sheet production line is applicable to tunnel waterproofing, roof leakage prevention, garbage dump, football field, reservoir dam and highway canal in various industries. Large-diameter pipe production line, plum blossom pipe production line, PVC wave plate production line, plastic sheet production equipment and other plate equipment, pipe equipment, profile equipment, extruder, packing belt equipment and other plastic machinery manufacturers.

PVC and WPC Crust Foamed Board Production Line:

Processing range: thickness 0.3-3mm width 600-6000mm
Automotive industry and electronics, electrical industry, LCD screens and industrial machinery parts, plating, various signs, printing, membrane switches, nameplates, protective masks, indoor and outdoor signs, point-of-sale displays, store shelves, outdoor installations, sales Kiosks, industrial machine protective panels, game consoles, vending machine panels for various processing, display or display, vacuum forming and many other fields.
Plastic sheet production line use: It has the characteristics of high toughness, tensile strength and good wear resistance. Widely used in chemical, clothing, packaging, food and other fields. Can be filled, flame retardant, modified, surface embossed, matte.
The unit is mainly used to produce PE plastic sheet, and the replacement head can also produce PP, ABS and other plates.
The device has the characteristics of compact structure, superior performance, high degree of automation and stable operation.
The variable pitch double-line corrugated screw designed for PE, PP, etc. makes the whole machine have uniform plasticization, stable extrusion, high output and long service life.
The precision sizing calendering device makes the sheet shape good by its good adjustment function.
The cutting part adopts the opposite side and the fixed length cutting device to ensure the accurate size of the plate.
PLC touch screen control system is available.

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