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Plastic PE Board Extrusion Line

This production line is capable of continuously producing mono-layer or multi-layer PP,PE,ABS,PS,HIPS board with width less than 3000mm and thickness of 0.2mm-30mm. Appropriate single-screw extruder (exhaust or not) should be chosen in the basis of different material,specially designed screw and advanced temperature controlling system ensure the good plasticization,high output and stable extruding.

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Our Product Detail


Plastic ABS PP PE Plate Machine

ABS HIPS Plastic Sheet Machine

Plastic PET Sheet Machine

Plastic Board/Plate Machine

PP PE Plastic Board Production Line

plastic sheet extrusion machine

Company Information

 Working Process

Material ---Automatic feed loader --Extruder-- T type Mould-- Three rollers Calibration -- Cooling Bracket-- Haul off machine-- Cutter-- Stacker

Company Introduction

Our company absorbs and digests foreign advanced technology and technology. The latest development of thick plate extrusion production line is mainly used to produce PE, PP and other sheets. The thickness of sheet can be 2-10mm and the width of sheet is 750-2800mm.
The various matching parts of the production line equipment are all world famous brand products, combined with the manufacturing technology and experience of our company for many years, making it more reliable and perfect. The surface of the produced product has a smooth surface, small dimensional error, corrosion resistance, strong insulation and the like.

Product Description

 The screw is designed with special mixing function and high plasticizing capacity.

Emperature control ±1 °C can accurately control the plasticization process and the thickness and flatness of the sheet.

The three-roll calender is horizontal, vertical or 45° inclined, and can be lifted freely.
Plate thickness control adopts screw adjustment and two-way adjustment of pressure roller to accurately control the thickness of the plate.

The slicer, the length and quantity of the plate are accurate.
The winding table device adopts advanced torque motor, which can adjust the speed and winding tension at will.
The product length can be set by the automatic meter.


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